How To Open An Account


E-Open account

What you need to prepare before opening an online account
  1. A mobile phone for taking pictures and NDID authentication
  2. Identification Card (For individual, 20 years of age, Thai nationality)
  3. Bank passbook for receiving redemption proceeds (The name stated on the passbook must be same with name of the person requesting to open an account) and the bank account must be a savings account of the banks as follows:

4. Email and mobile phone number
5. Do NDID authentication at a bank branch and download a mobile application of the banks as follows:

Manuals for opening an online account and applying ATS direct debit

  • Applying direct debit (ATS) for buying a fund in Streaming Fund+ application
    Direct debit service (ATS) Procedure of opening an online account Clip : opening an online account Clip : NDID