Phillip Asset Management Company Limited (PAMC)

Phillip Asset Management Company Limited (PAMC) is part of Phillip Securities Thailand (PST), which has expertise in managing investments, be it equities or debt instruments for investors. PAMC provides investment services for both individuals and institutions. Phillip Asset Management was established in August 2006 with a registered capital of 100 million baht under Phillip Securities Thailand, being part of the PhillipCapital Group. PhillipCapital Singapore It operates a finance and securities business that provides a wide range of related services such as brokerage, investment management, real estate, online securities trading and information technology. PhillipCapital has expanded from Singapore to Malaysia, United Kingdom and Hong Kong.

PAMC operates under the goal of sustainable growth with the objective of creating the highest medium to long term yield. Our mission is to provide the highest quality investment management services, leading to higher returns than investors. It is anticipated at risk. We understand the value of an investment that can be earned through the labor of the investor and with the trust. This allows us to manage your investment by carefully selecting quality securities before investing as such investments are of our own money. In addition, we will manage to achieve greater returns than investors who are projected under acceptable risk, with the practice that we take advantage of. As investors, it is important to us that we increase the value of our investments.This can be achieved by keeping the principal under appropriate diversification, leading to continuous and stable returns.


Phillip Asset Management Company Limited is granted a license from the Ministry of Finance to operate a securities business in the form of investment management and operate within the framework of the Securities and Exchange Act. Under the supervision of the Office of the Securities and Exchange Commission, the related units are as follows:

  • Anti-Money Laundering Office
  • Association of Investment Management Companies

Phillip Asset Management Company Limited focuses on fair and transparent fund management in accordance with good governance principles. We aim to generate the most benefits for the unitholders by effective risk management.


   We Focus on Maintaining the Principa
The Management Company has a policy to invest in assets. Or securities At low risk Especially the risk of default. Compared to assets Or the same type of securities It focuses on maintaining the principal capital of the unitholders such as debt instruments. Management companies primarily invest in government bonds because they are low risk and highly stable assets.
   We Plan Your Investment like a Pro
The Management Company has an investment management committee with a long history of investment management. Along with the analysis team All aspects of investment information It aims to generate the highest returns within the established strategic framework.
   We Strive to Increase Returns
The Management Company intends to strive to generate the highest return under the lowest risk. Taking into account the interests of unitholders
   We have Various Distribution Channels
Automatic Direct Debit / Regular Direct Debit
Investors can request for the service to purchase investment units by automatic direct debit / regular direct debit. By requesting to use the service at the company Manage or sponsor a sale or buyback anywhere. Investors who choose to use the regular direct debit service can set the date they wish to debit their account. To order Investment units can be detailed in the form specified by the management company.